Saudi Arabia Deploys More Troops to South Yemen

Troops sent to Shabwa Province as tensions soar with separatists

With tensions continuing to rise between pro-Saudi forces and the South Yemen separatists backed by the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia has deployed more troops and armed vehicles to the country.

While Saudi deployments are usually in the north, where fighting with the Houthis take place, these troops were all sent to Shabwa Province, which has been contested with the separatists in recent weeks.

The Saudis had previously been trying to start negotiations to end the infighting, but after failing to retake the capital of Aden, with the UAE backing the separatists, the Saudis seem to be preparing for deeper involvement in this new war.

This seems set to put the Saudis and UAE in a position to more likely come directly into conflict with one another, and making this a much bigger war threatening to expand beyond Yemen.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of