Iran Has One Condition, Sanctions Relief, for Trump Talks

Rouhani says Iran's position is very clear to US

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani spoke to parliament today, saying he has no intention of holding bilateral talks with President Trump, and that Iran never responded to Trump’s calls for talks.

Rouhani noted that Iran has only one condition for bilateral talks, and that it has long been clear. They insist the US lift all sanctions imposed since withdrawing from the nuclear deal, and return to the situation under the deal.

Other Iranian officials have made similar comments to European leaders, saying they want the EU to try to convince the US to rejoin the nuclear deal, and that this would solve everything. The US, so far, has never commented on that.

Details are scant on any leaning toward talks, though some on both sides have suggested a “window of opportunity.” Despite this, analysts say that actual talks are highly unlikely to ever take place.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of