Netanyahu: Israel Ready for Any Scenario With Hezbollah Clash

Lebanon: Israeli drone started forest fire near border

After a substantial border clash at the Israel-Lebanon border, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel remains fully prepared for “any scenario” on the border. Hezbollah attacked on Sunday, firing missiles into Israel, reporting vehicles destroyed.

Israeli officials, however, have denied that they suffered any casualties. Israel sent artillery and forces to the border in the days ahead of the fight anticipating the battle, and called off a military drill because of the battle.

Hezbollah had threatened attacks over recent Israeli drone attacks. The Lebanese Army reported on Sunday that an Israeli drone dropped incendiary material in a border forest, starting a forest fire.

The Lebanese military have not gotten involved in the fighting, though early last week they did open fire on raiding Israeli drones at the border. If fighting further escalates, Israel will probably attack Lebanese military bases, if past wars are anything to go by.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of