Netanyahu Confirms Moves Against Iran ‘Including in Iraq’

Iraq MP confirms Israel 'certainly' behind several strikes

With Iraq officials expressing growing concerns at recent Israeli attacks on their territory, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is doubling down on the policy, declaring that he is “doing everything” to defend Israel, including attacks in Lebanon, Syria, and in Iraq. He added that Israel is “surrounded by radical Islam.”

Israeli attacks in Syria are common enough, and they’re always talking up possible fights with Lebanon. Iraq is something very different, however, and it is putting a strain on Iraq’s Shi’ite government, with its close ties to the US and to Iran.

It’s been a challenge for the US as well, with the State Department taking the historical position supporting Israeli attacks on whoever Israel wants to attack as “self defense,” and the Pentagon warning against nations attacking their allies in Iraq.

Iraqi officials are still putting together the case for how many Israeli attacks there’ve actually been with top MP Ahmad al-Assadi, who is closely tied to the Shi’ite militia movements, saying Iraq has confirmed Israel is “certainly” behind several of the strikes.

Iraq, after all, has explosions and attacks all the time, and while there seem to be more than a few Israeli strikes in the mix, it also is possible that there are other strikes mixed in, since Israel isn’t being super direct on which ones they did.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of