South Yemen Separatists Withdraw From Some Aden Public Buildings

Separatists aim to resolve dispute without ceding the city

In a move that seems meant to reduce tensions between the Southern Transitional Council and the Yemen government, the STC separatist forces have withdrawn from several key public buildings in the southern capital of Aden.

The STC and their supporters took the entire city of Aden over the couple of days last weekend, and have held it since, refusing Saudi demands to give it back to the government. They have promised to ultimately take over all of South Yemen as an independent country.

The STC has withdrawn from Aden’s supreme court, the central bank, and they also plan to hand over the refinery to the presidential guard under STC supervision. This might calm accusations from the government that they are “seditious” forces.

At the same time, the STC and government have contrasting visions for the post-war future. Because of this, the STC will want to retain a foothold in Aden that will ensure they don’t get quietly cut out of the situation in the years of war to come.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of