US Court Issues Warrant to Seize Iranian Tanker, Oil From Gibraltar

Gibraltar has agreed that Grace 1 tanker can leave

While Gibraltar agreed that Iran’s tanker the Grace 1 was free to leave on Thursday, as of Friday it still hasn’t headed out, with concerns about their safety in doing so in the face of US efforts.

On Friday, a US District Court judge issued a warrant to seize the Grace 1, as part of an asset forfeiture case against Iran, authorizing US Marshals to seize the tanker and all of the oil aboard.

Gibraltar already rejected US efforts to try to seize the ship legally. The new warrant accuses the ship of trying to “unlawfully access the US financial system” by planning to sell the oil.

The Grace 1 needs a new captain as well, as the current captain says he doesn’t want to command the ship anymore. It’s unclear if this is because the US is very publicly out to get the ship, or if two months of seizure in Gibraltar has just convinced him it’s not worth the hassle.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of