South Korea Accuses North Korea of Launching More Projectiles

Two projectiles fired off Korea's eastern coast

South Korea’s military accused North Korea of carrying out another round of missile tests on Friday morning, saying they’d fired “projectiles” off their east coast. They did not say how far they flew.

This appears, however, to just be the latest of a series of short-range missiles and rockets being tested by North Korea, which South Korea has complained about but which US officials have downplayed as largely irrelevant.

North Korea has in the past said that these rockets are part of an effort to to build up tactical munitions in the event of a war breaking out. Historically, North Korea has relied heavily on artillery for that, and has a huge amount for any nation of its size.

President Trump has dismissed past missile tests as not a problem, saying short-range tests are not a problem, and that the goal is to get back to peace talks between the two sides.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of