North Korea, Angry With Moon, Says No More Intra-Korean Talks

Statement says no reason to talk with 'impudent' Moon

North Korea has been very clear about their opposition to upcoming US-South Korea war games, and while they seem to be willing to get back to diplomacy with the US in the future, the exercises risk to have derailed all inter-Korean talks.

North Korea’s newest statement says that they see no reason at all for further talks with South Korea’s President Moon, and that they consider inter-Korean talks to be entirely over at this point.

That’s a huge blow, as such talks were Moon’s top goal, and inter-Korean talks were the primary way diplomacy in general was making any advancement. North Korea seems to believe that direct US talks are all they really need now.

That might be less about anger over the exercises, though that’s clearly a factor, and the reality that the US has blocked previous efforts to increase inter-Korean ties. Until the US gives its permission, there’s nothing more they can accomplish with South Korea.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of