Saudi Airstrikes Kill Nine Civilians, Mostly Children, in Northern Yemen

Attacks targeted internally displaced civilians

While Saudi-backed forces have been losing ground in the country’s south, Saudi warplanes continue to actively pound targets across northern Yemen, and as is so often the case, civilians were in the line of fire.

On Sunday, Saudi warplanes attacked a house in the Hajjah Province of northwestern Yemen, where internally displaced families were temporarily staying. The victims were all civilians from within the house, with nine killed, including five children.

In addition to all the civilians killed, locals reported 18 other civilians wounded in the airstrike, which included a number of neighbors who lived in houses near the one that was targeted.

As is often the case in attacks killing civilians, the Saudi-led coalition is entirely mum, providing no indication what they even thought they might have been targeting, let alone their own assessment of what happened.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of