North Korea Threatens to Leave South Out of Future US Talks

Trump says Kim wants negotiations, gave 'small apology' for missile tests

There are high hopes for talks between the US and North Korea on the matter of ongoing military drills. North Korea’s foreign ministry, however, has suggested that South Korea might not be welcome to take part in those..

That’s something of a surprise, as South Korea has been eager for diplomacy with the north, and has been seen in the past as a facilitator for the process with the US. Yet officials say the talks would be direct bilateral talks between the US and North Korea.

Trump has suggested that the talks could happen after the upcoming exercise ends. Trump has said he opposes the US exercises as well, and that he looks forward to seeing Kim. He added that Kim had offered a “small apology” for missile tests.

The joint US-South Korea military exercises are often major stressors for North Korea relations, since they simulate invading North Korea. North Korean officials have said missile tests were meant to protest the exercises.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of