Trump Predicts New Kim Talks After Receiving ‘Beautiful Letter’

Trump insists North Korea not violating pledges with missile launches

President Trump has reported on Friday that he received a “very beautiful letter” from North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, saying he believes it is possible that the two of them could meet again, but not saying when such a meeting might happen.

Trump did not provide details on the letter, or the possibility of talks. The two last met on June 30 and agreed to further meetings. There has since then been no indication any such talks have bee planned.

Recently, North Korea has badly criticized the US over planned wargames, and has fired short-range missiles several times. Trump emphasized that he does not consider those missile firings to be a violation of any of North Korea’s pledges.

That’s been a matter of some contention, with South Korean media often presenting the tests as a problem, and some Trump Administration officials expressing concern about that, despite Trump consistently saying he doesn’t consider that a problem.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of