Anti-Houthi Allies Battle One Another in South Yemen

Tensions continue to mount in southern capital of Aden

Forces loyal to the southern separatist movement in South Yemen and the Saudi-backed government continued to do battle in the southern capital of Aden on Thursday, mostly focused on control of the presidential palace in the city. At least one more person was killed.

Wednesday saw protesters from the separatist movement march in and seize the palace. The protesters had attended the funerals of pro-separatist fighters, where leaders accused the government of backing Islamists to attack them.

So far the fighting seems confined to Aden. The government’s officials are accusing separatist leaders of “fomenting sedition,” saying separatists must ignore the calls to battle of their leadership.

This could quickly be a big war, as the separatists are backed by the United Arab Emirates, and the UAE have substantial other allies in Yemen, while Saudi Arabia backs the Aden-based government and has forces loyal to them around the country’s south as well.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of