North Korea Test Fires New Missiles, Threatens to Take ‘New Road’

Says joint US-South Korea drill violate agreements

North Korea has conducted another round of test fires for their short-range missiles on early Tuesday, saying the firing was done to protest a planned US-South Korea military exercise. North Korea says that exercises violates existing agreements.

North Korean officials say they’re still keen to resolve the situation diplomatically, but added tht they may be “compelled to seek a new road” if they don’t start making some progress on the matter.

The Trump Administration has not commented, and previously dismissed the tests as irrelevant. The Pentagon, however, said they intend to continue to monitor the situation, and will work with South Korea and Japan.

Though Trump and Kim had recently committed to try to get diplomacy back underway, there is as yet no indication that any progress has been made in doing so, and North Korean officials seem to be expressing mounting cynicism about this with the planned US wargames.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of