Defense Chief Sees ‘Rising’ Support for US Fleet in Strait of Hormuz

No nations offering to participate, but some attended a meeting

Speaking to reporters over the weekend, Defense Secretary Mark Esper claimed that he believes there is “rising support” for the US-led naval fleet in the Strait of Hormuz

The US has been pushing that plan for over a month, on the idea that the US would get access to a large fleet to confront Iran, and would only have to contribute about 10-20% of the fleet themselves. So far they’ve gotten no commitments to join the fleet.

Despite Esper’s optimism, the US still has no commitments to join the fleet, though he suggested that some countries might sign up soon, citing 30 nations attending a meeting last week in Florida to talk about it.

Australia seems like a likely candidate, though why Australia would join the US fleet and not the British alternative is unclear. Even then, most nations have flat out rejected the scheme, and Australia’s willingness to consider it at all is still something.

For most nations, there just isn’t a high priority on this, as the Strait is open, and the only nations having any problem, the US and Britain, are the ones openly picking fights with Iran. Many nations see staying out of this as the path of least resistance.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of