US Officials Say ISIS a ‘Global Threat,’ But Focus on Africa

Officials seek international support for Africa fight

US officials are continuing to emphasize that ISIS poses a “global threat,” even though it lost all its territory in Syria and Iraq. While that continues the narrative of an open-ended fight across the planet, officials are also clear the focus right now is on Africa.

It’s not clear exactly why ISIS is being chosen as the immediate focus for US anti-ISIS operations, with so much of a deal being made previously of the group in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but the US is hoping to get global support for the Africa fight.

US officials are emphasizing the substantial number of ISIS-affiliated factions inside Africa in their narrative, though of course, not all ISIS are created equal, and nowhere is that more apparent than in Africa.

Africa has a lot of long-standing Islamist factions that have long struggled to garner international notoriety. During the rise of ISIS, many groups just added the ISIS-affiliate tag to their names as to try to appear more substantial, even if the connection was purely theoretical.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of