US Navy Claims They Attacked a Second Iran Drone Last Week

Officials 'did not observe a splash'

Adding more unverifiable intrigue to last week’s USS Boxer attack on an Iranian drone, which the US says was definitely destroyed but which Iran denies ever happened, the US Navy is now claiming that the USS Boxer attacked a second Iranian drone too.

Officials made that claim on Tuesday, providing no indication why they hadn’t mentioned the incident before, when it putative happened. They aren’t even sure they shot this one down, saying they didn’t “observe a splash.”

This is the first the US has addressed the matter since Iran released video of one of their drones tracking the USS Boxer through the entire Strait of Hormuz journey, notably not shooting anything down.

This new announcement has the exact same problem, in that the video still shows the USS Boxer not shooting at anything, let alone two Iranian drones, and only adds to questions about the US narrative.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of