US, Russia Trade Accusations Over Teacher Visas

Ambassador accuses Russia of using children as pawns

Constant US-Russia tensions lead to a lot of very petty fights. This week, it’s a “visa war” over US teachers intended for an English-language school in Moscow, where US diplomats attend.

It’s not an immediate issue since it is summer vacation, but Ambassador Jon Huntsman still accused Russia of using children as “pawns in diplomatic disputes,” and insisted that the issue be resolved before the school year begins.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said the US had started this two years ago by refusing to issue visas for Russian-language teachers who work on the grounds of Russia’s Embassy in the US. They say they’re just mirroring the US policy.

Russian officials added they are willing to give the English teachers visas if the US reciprocates for the Russian teachers, and also accused the US of holding Russian children as “hostages of American diplomacy.”

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of