UN to Avoid Faulting Saudis in Child Rights Violators List

Covering up Yemen violations is an annual headache for UN

The UN “list of shame” over nations that violate child rights is looking to sidestep its annual problem of the situation in Yemen by trying to avoid further mention of all the children killed in Saudi-led airstrikes there.

This has been a serious problem for the past several years with this list, as early drafts mention Saudi Arabia, the Saudis freak out, and the UN ultimately caves in and revises the report to omit them.

Last year, the compromise was to put Yemen in a whole separate section which included a bunch of praise for the Saudis trying to reduce the number of children they are killing and maiming. That section is to remain intact.

Not everyone is happy with that, as the Saudi efforts to reduce killing children isn’t actually reducing the number of children killed, so many see this as just a cynical attempt to try to keep the Saudis placated. Which it obviously is, but which officials prefer not to be called out on.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.