Iran Demands Britain Release Seized Oil Tanker

Gibraltar releases all crew members without charges

The four man crew of Iran’s Grace I tanker were all released on bail Friday with no charges, and on unspecified “conditions” by the Gibraltar police. They confirmed that an investigation into the incident is going.

The Grace I was captured by British forces in Spanish territorial waters and taken to Gibraltar. British and US officials accuse the ship of “illegally” trying to deliver oil to Syria, in violation of an EU ban on Syria getting oil.

Iranian officials say the British are playing a “dangerous game” by taking their tanker, and continue to demand the immediate release of the Grace I, along with the crew.

So far, indications are that officials intend to keep the tanker in Gibraltar indefinitely as part of the “investigation.” Iranian officials warned the move increases tension in the Persian Gulf.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of