House Rules Committee to Consider Amendment to Defund Yemen War

Amendment needs Rules Committee's okay for floor vote

The House Rules Committee is planning a Tuesday afternoon session to consider Amendment 339. The amendment is intended to be part of the annual military spending bill, the NDAA, and would forbid all funding for US involvement in the Saudi War in Yemen.

The House already voted to end US involvement in the Yemen War under the War Powers Act, but this was vetoed by President Trump. The Senate has a similar version of the defunding amendment in their version, and the military spending bill would be hard for Trump to veto.

The Yemen War was never authorized by Congress, and Congress’ order to stop the war was vetoed, so this amendment is the next logical step, using the power of the purse to curb the war.

The House Rules Committee is not going to decide if the amendment is included in the NDAA. Rather, it would simply allow a floor vote in the House on whether to add the amendment to the NDAA. There is a push to get more co-sponsors for the amendment, and if the committee allows the floor vote, it’s very likely to pass.

The Congressional switchboard is 202-225-3121. Before the Tuesday committee hearing, callers should call and express support for more Representatives co-sponsoring 339, known as the Khanna-Schiff amendment.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of