Pentagon Accuses US of Underestimating Russia Threat

Pentagon study urges State Dept to sew divisions between Russia and China

The Pentagon has long played up the idea of Russia posing a grave threat, and is looking to again this weekend, with a white paper accusing the United States in general of “underestimating” the threat Russia really poses.

The white paper accuses Russia of using disinformation to sway public opinion around the world, and also warns that an even greater threat would be posed if Russia and China see their interests unify.

The Pentagon therefore proposes, in a public enough way as to make actually carrying such a move out highly problematic, that the US State Department should engage in its own campaign meant to sew divisions between Russia and China.

The report also accuses Russia of believing it is already at war with the US, and that it is engaged in “hybrid warfare” against the US. This report comes just days after President Trump met with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, about trying to improve relations, and not engaged in a costly arms race. Clearly the Pentagon are the beneficiaries of any arms race.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of