Libyan Unity Govt Seeks US Backing After ‘Confusing’ Message From Trump

Deputy PM: Libya counting on US as 'our main ally'

In an interview with NBC News, Libyan unity government Deputy PM Ahmed Omar Maiteeg called for the US to stick behind his government, saying that they consider the United States to be “our main ally.”

He reported being reassured by the State Department that the US continues to back his government, saying he was “really happy” to hear that after President Trump’s “confusing” comments in April.

In April, President Trump had a phone called with the self-described “Field Marshal” of the self-described “Libyan National Army” Khalifa Hafter, who is leading forces against the unity government. Trump praised Hafter, saying he believes he had a “significant role” in Libya, and is part of a future “democratic political system.”

Hafter’s offensive is funded by Saudi Arabia, and he is backed by Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. With this offensive continuing against Tripoli, Trump has been reluctant to call for a ceasefire, even if nominally the US is in favor of the unity government.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of