Chaos as Trump Administration Bans Cruises From Visiting Cuba

Ban aims to punish companies that resumed operations during Obama era

The Trump Administration has made clear that their anger toward Venezuela’s government also extends to Cuba, and this was shown again today with the administration imposing new restrictions to prevent Americans ever setting foot on Cuban soil.

The new restrictions target educational trips as well as cruise ships, forbidden all cruises from stopping in Cuba for recreational purposes. There was no grace period for ships already en route.

This created immediate chaos among cruise operators, and a number of scheduled cruises that were to stop in Cuba as part of their voyages have uncertain futures, with Carnival Corp saying they won’t be going to Cuba, but they will be going someplace in the future.

Some reports claimed the move was meant to punish Cuba for its ties to Venezuela, though others suggested that the administration had an interest in punishing companies that had resumed operations in travel to Cuba during the Obama era, when legal restrictions were lifted.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of