Pompeo Threatens Germany Over Possible Huawei Telecom Deal

Says Germany would lose access to US intelligence

US hostility toward Chinese telecom company Huawei continues to be a top priority for the Trump Administration, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visiting his German counterpart and threatening them for reports that they might use Huawei for a large infrastructure project.

With billions of dollars in global investment expected for 5G infrastructure, Huawei is a major competitor for a number of US companies. The Trump Administration’s argument is that countries considering Huawei had better not do so.

As with other US lobbying against foreign tech companies, the argument is nominally that there are “security concerns.” In the case of Huawei and Germany, this means threatening the US dramatically curbing intelligence sharing with Germany for choosing Huawei to build infrastructure.

US officials can superficially make the case that telecommunications is linked to intelligence sharing. In practice, however, many believe that the US is trying to extort allies into signing more expensive deals with US companies instead of Huawei.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.