In Iran, Focus Is On Economic Woes, Not US War Threats

Iran's middle class focus on stockpiling, fearing goods shortages

While US reports on Iran have been centered almost exclusively on claims from a handful of Trump Administration officials of “Iranian threats,” the situation inside Iran is much different, with the US threats of war seeming little more than background noise.

Of course, the US has been threatening to attack Iran on and off for a generation, so it’s not surprising many don’t take it seriously. But the reality is that most have more immediate concerns, related to Iran’s economic struggles.

Decades of US sanctions have weighed heavily on Iran’s economy, and hopes of relief from the P5+1 nuclear deal, which once fueled investment in the country, have so far not panned out. For Iran’s waning middle class, there is a sense of desperation.

A plunging currency has many Iranians investing in US dollars and Euros, and those with the money to do so are stockpiling, anticipating shortages in the future. Though some of this stockpiling could also be spun as hoarding for a potential war, to those within Iran it looks less like the eve of war, and more like the continuation of an open-ended siege.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of