Venezuela Talks in Oslo End without a Deal

Guaido claims he ratified a roadmap for Maduro's ouster

Though Norway claimed some unspecified “progress” may have been made, negotiations between Venezuela’s government and opposition ended in Oslo on Wednesday, with no deals reached. It is uncertain if there will be further talks.

Norway’s Foreign Ministry urged the two sides to show “discretion” in comments after the talks, so as not to damage any further process that may happen. The US-backed opposition was quick to start issuing statements, however.

Juan Guaido’s office issued a statement claiming that he had “ratified” a roadmap for ousting President Maduro, and that the plan included a transition government and free elections. He did not mention that Maduro’s side did not agree to this deal.

Which is of course the problem. Guaido declared himself president back in January, and the US both endorsed this move and considered it the end of the matter. Several months and a failed coup later, Maduro remains in charge, and the US continues to demand Maduro leave unconditionally.

US officials have opposed the Oslo talks as well, insisting there is nothing to be discussed with President Maduro, and expressing bewilderment that Maduro still believes he is president simply because he was elected as such.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of