UAE-Backed Yemen Troops Seize Southern City From Houthis

Statement claims 'dozens' of Houthis killed in fighting

A statement from the Yemeni Security Belt forces, a UAE-backed part of the Army, claims to have “liberated” the city of Qatabah, in the Dhalea Province. This capped off an offensive launched Friday against the contested city, claiming “dozens” of Houthis killed.

Dhalea is deep within the territory generally held by pro-Saudi and pro-UAE forces, but the Houthis managed to reclaim a foothold in the area in recent months. This has led to heavy fighting over the past several weeks.

Though the government has claimed huge casualties among Houthi fighters several times around Dhalea, this is the first time substantial territory was taken back from them in weeks of fighting. This has impacted a large number of civilians, with many fleeing the area.

Though there have been expressions of hope about the peace process in some parts of Yemen, territory like Dhalea has seen fighting rage throughout the last few months with no signs of slowing down.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of