Venezuela Govt Talking With Opposition in Norway

Guaido aide confirmed to be in Norway with aides

After months of stalemate, the Venezuelan government has announced that they are now negotiating with the opposition, with talks ongoing in Norway. The talks were quickly denounced by the US, who is not participating.

The Venezuelan government will be represented at he talks by Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez and Miranda governor Hector Rodriguez. The opposition will be represented by key Guaido aide and National Assembly Vice President Stalin Gonzalez, along with his advisers.

Norway confirmed the talks and expressed hope for a peaceful solution. Guaido also confirmed the meeting but tried to downplay it, saying Gonzalez would not continue the talks if they don’t lead to regime change.

US officials seemed even less upbeat than that, condemning Maduro as a dictator and insisting that there was nothing to be negotiated except for Maduro’s ouster. US officials accused Maduro of trying to stall with such talks.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of