Saudi Warplanes Pound Yemeni Capital, Heavy Casualties Reported

83 reported killed in fighting across Yemen

In moves which Saudi Defense Ministry officials clearly tied to the Houthi drone strikes on a Saudi oil pumping station, Saudi warplanes pounded the Yemeni capital city of Sanaa on Thursday, hitting a number of military sites, and also surrounding populated areas.

Local officials reported heavy casualties, with six civilians confirmed killed and 60 wounded around Sanaa. The wounded were rushed to hospitals, and Doctors Without Borders reported that most were taken to a pair of hospitals they support.

That’s just the civilian casualties around Sanaa. Saudi-backed forces have also attacked the vital aid port of Hodeidah repeatedly over the past 48 hours, and claim at least 83 killed. They say the slain there are overwhelmingly Houthis.

Hodeidah is support to be under a state of ceasefire, and there were meant to be ongoing talks after the Houthis turned over control of aid ports there to local forces. Since the Saudi officials started attacking the Houthis, however, they are accusing the Houthis of violating the Hodeidah ceasefire by retaliating against the attacks, and also are accusing them of plotting to send reinforcements into the attacked areas.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of