As Houthis Quit Ports, Yemen Seeks Timetable for Next UN Peace Steps

Officials expect UN to move toward de-mining, inspecting aid ships

The UN reports that day one of the Houthi withdrawal of combat forces from key aid ports in Yemen was entirely successful. The Houthis handed over the ports to local coast guard forces in Hodeidah, and two smaller ports in the vicinity.

Hodeidah is the main aid port into Yemen, through which food and aid enters for about 70% of the population. The UN deal was intended to stop Saudi-led forces from destroying the ports, and involves the Houthis leaving the ports to local forces.

This went very well, but Saudi-backed Yemeni officials expressed annoyance at the UN for not being more clear about what the “next steps” are, and what their timeline is for implementing them.

Officials say they expect the UN to advance into de-mining Hodeidah Province, and to also implement new measures to inspect aid ships that manage to get through the Saudi blockade to deliver food.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of