European Nations Will Remain in Iran Nuclear Deal, Despite US Threats

US warns EU banks against using legal trade mechanism

On Wednesday, Iran announced minor changes to its nuclear program. These changes amount to withdrawing from voluntary limits on low-enriched uranium storage and heavy water storage, and both of which were explicitly allowed under the P5+1 deal if one of the nations withdrew from it.

The US withdrew from the deal last year, making all this legal, but US officials are still trying to spin it as violations or provocations. The three EU nations that are party to the nuclear deal, however, insist they intend to remain within the deal as long as Iran does.

Iranian officials expressed open annoyance at the EU’s inability to deliver on promises to keep trade going irrespective of US threats. Iran has warned that if something isn’t done to make up for the US dishonoring the pact, they’ll increase the purity of uranium enrichment, another thing they are legally allowed to do.

Either way, the EU tried to facilitate trade with Iran by creating a special legal mechanism to circumvent US sanctions. The US has issued a statement today warning that no one in Europe, especially banks, should try to use this legal mechanism, saying it would be a “very poor business decision” to defy US demands.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of