Strikes Escalate as Israel Threatens Invasion of Gaza Strip

Israeli Army expects fighting to continue for several days

Israel and a joint Gaza faction for Hamas and Islamic Jihad continue to trade airstrikes and rocket fire along the border areas Sunday, with each having made hundreds of attacks. Israeli officials are vowing escalation, and some are suggesting an invasion is being planned.

Four Israelis are confirmed dead so far, and school is reportedly cancelled in the area adjacent to Gaza. At least 22 Palestinians are also confirmed killed, with Israeli military officials predicting the campaign will continue for several days.

A ground invasion, however, would be a much bigger issue. Historically, Israeli invasions of the Gaza Strip end with thousands killed. That Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just secured reelection while pushing the idea that Israel can keep any territory it seizes in wars only adds to the potential complexity of the situation.

So far, indications are that there are not peace talks being brokered in the region. That’s usually Egypt’s responsibility, but they’ve yet to get to the two sides together. Egypt did, however, open the Rafah crossing to Gaza for aid, after Israel closed their Gaza crossing.

Israel has threatened ground invasions in previous flare ups around Gaza, only for last minute deals to stave it off. It’s not clear if such a deal will be made this time,

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of