ISIS Battles Taliban for Control of Eastern Afghanistan Villages

Heavy fighting as ISIS seeks control of Nangarhar villages

Heavy fighting has erupted in the eastern Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan, near the Pakistan border, where ISIS forces have launched an attack trying to seize a handful of villages that have been under Taliban control.

Early reports are that six villages were overrun by ISIS, though fighting is still ongoing in the area. Provincial officials say the death toll is unclear, but that the fighting has not stopped and is raging across two districts.

This fighting is fueling a new exodus of civilians from the villages and the surrounding areas, with an estimated 500 civilian families having fled. The Taliban has so far declined comment on the matter.

Historically, the Taliban has been very successful in fights against ISIS, but Nangarhar is the main territory under ISIS control, and the group seems a lot more resilient in this province than elsewhere.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of