US Delivering Excavation Equipment to Syria’s Kurdish YPG

200 truckloads of material sent to Deir Ezzor from Iraq

In a move that is likely to rile up NATO member Turkey, the US has made a huge delivery of equipment to the Syrian Kurdish YPG, a group Turkey considers terrorists, and have long threatened to invade.

200 trucks crossed into Syria’s Deir Ezzor from neighboring Iraq. This is not a military shipment. Rather, it is building material and construction equipment intended to allow for reconstruction after the defeat of ISIS.

That’s the US version at least, but the inclusion of substantial excavation equipment is fueling concern, particularly in Turkey, that this is going to be used for mass tunnel digging across Syria, in anticipation of the Turkish invasion.

That’s probably a reasonable concern. Turkey’s been threatening such invasions of years, and the Kurds have been promising to resist. It’s almost certain that any huge construction programs will come with projects intended to defend the area from an attack.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of