Pompeo: US Won’t Quit Fight for Venezuela Regime Change

Accuses China of prolonging crisis by supporting Maduro

Speaking on Friday in Santiago, Chile, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo defended the US attempts to impose regime change in Venezuela, saying that the US will not “quit the fight” until they get what they want.

Pompeo presented the US as supporting Venezuelans who are “courageously standing up for democracy,” by demanding President Maduro be removed from office and replaced by an opposition figure, Juan Guaido.

Pompeo said this was an historic opportunity for South America, and that everyone understands that the US is “truly trying to help” by pushing for regime change.

Pompeo also angrily condemned China for its “malign influence,” saying that in supporting Maduro, China was prolonging the crisis. China and Russia are among the nations still supporting the existing Venezuelan government, and accusing the US of meddling.

Pompeo’s condemnation of China comes just after Vice President Mike Pence was angrily condemning Russia at the UN Security Council, demanding that they get out of the way and just let regime change happen.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.