North Korea’s Kim Open for New Trump Summit, If US Has the ‘Right Attitude’

Kim: Strong questions about 'whether US is even really trying'

In comments made through North Korea’s state media, Kim Jong Un says he is open to holding an additional summit with President Trump even after the Hanoi failure, but that it would only be worthwhile if the US comes in with the right attitude.

Kim conceded that the Hanoi Summit made him seriously reexamine the process of diplomatic engagement, and that it “gave us a sense of caution about whether the US is even really trying” diplomatically.

Kim noted that the US came into that summit with a “completely unrealizable plan” and were not ready to sit and discuss the matter to try to come up with something mutually agreeable. Past reports indicate the US revised the definition of “denuclearization” to a demand that North Korea unconditionally give the US all of its nuclear arms and materials instead of just dismantling them, and balked at seriously easing sanctions.

Kim says that there is now a risk that things will go back to the tensions before diplomacy began in early 2018. He added that he is willing to wait through the rest of the year to see if the US changes its mind and comes to the table with a new approach.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of