Saudi Airstrike Kills Two in Yemen’s Hajjah Province

Attacks continue in northwestern province

The latest in a growing series of Saudi airstrikes was launched against the Hajjah Province on Saturday morning, killing two unidentified men and wounding five other people, including women and children.

As with other recent strikes in Hajjah, the attack hit a village that is being contested by pro-Saudi tribesmen. The airstrike hit a random civilian home, and all of the casualties were members of the same family.

Saudi officials have yet to comment on this strike, which is not unusual. Generally strikes are only commented on if they killed an intended target, or otherwise killed so many civilians that they have to do damage control.

Hajjah, in the far northwest of Yemen, seems to be a focus for current operations, trying to give tribal factions control over some of the border territory, as a way of further encircling the Houthi controlled territory in the area, like Hodeidah and the capital of Sanaa.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of