Iraqi President Claims No ‘Serious’ Opposition to US Troops Staying

Every major parliament bloc has demanded a pullout

In comments that are likely exactly what the US wants to hear, Iraqi President Barham Salih claimed that he sees no “serious” opposition to US troops staying in Iraq, and believes there is a general consensus that the US can stay “as long as it is necessary.”

This would be good news for the Pentagon, where officials want to stay in Iraq effectively forever. Is it true though? Not from the comments coming out of materially every other major Iraqi official.

MPs from every major Shi’ite political bloc in parliament have demanded a timeline for the US troop withdrawal, and with the US pushing for action against Shi’ite militias, they’ve got grudges with most of the key factions now.

It is unclear how Salih can seriously claim there is no opposition to US troops in Iraq, even if he believed that ultimately they’d let the US stay. Dismissing parliament’s substantial qualms about the US impact on sovereignty is only going to add to determination to force a public timetable and more transparency on the matter.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of