US Announces New Sanctions Against Iran, Targeting Former Nuclear Scientists

Also sanctions 'front companies' that might help dodge sanctions

The US Treasury Department announced a new round of anti-Iran sanctions on Friday, hitting 14 individuals and 17 companies, all of them who have some link to Iran’s Organization for Defense Innovation and Research (SPND).

It is unclear if these targets are generally accused of having done anything illegal, in and of themselves, though officials claimed some of the companies were “front companies” who might be used to avoid sanctions.

The individual scientists being targeted are another matter, as some of them are being “former nuclear weapons scientists,” and the sanctions are intended to harm their ability to work on any such activity in the future, if they were ever so inclined.

Officials say that the broad purpose of the sanctions is to discourage Iranian scientists from taking jobs with the SPND, whether legal or not, for fear of being targeted. They added “it’s not a wise thing to be involved in.”

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of