Taliban Leader Tries to Reassure Afghans About Peace Process

Mullah Barader says he is optimistic about the progress made

In a new audio interview released online by the Taliban, political chief Mullah Baradar has both attempted to express hope for the ongoing peace talks with the US, and to reassure the Afghan public they have nothing to fear from such a deal.

I ask all our countrymen to be sure there is no need to worry. Everyone will be treated very well,” Baradar noted. He also called on Taliban fighters to remain composed and not become arrogant because of recent victories.

The negotiations between the US and Taliban would see the US withdrawing all foreign forces from Afghanistan. The Taliban would take some position within a new Afghan government, though the specifics of that have not been publicly defined yet.

Baradar said there was still no agreement on the timing of a US withdrawal. US officials had indicated earlier this week that there was a “draft agreement” on the matter, as well as on the Taliban pledge to keep ISIS and al-Qaeda out of Afghanistan. Nothing is finalized, but the US was reporting substantial progress, and Baradar seemed to confirm that.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.