Mass Funerals Held in North Yemen for Children Slain in Saudi Airstrikes

Mourners hold prayers in Yemeni capital of Sanaa

Over the past week, Saudi warplanes attacked and killed dozens of civilians in northwestern Yemen, including a number of children. On Thursday, mourners brought the bodies of many of the slain to the capital of Sanaa and held prayers in the Grand Mosque.

22 civilians were confirmed killed in the strikes, including 10 women and 12 children. 30 others were wounded, including 14 children. The attacks targeted a village in Hajjah Province, and meant to support tribal factions that have recently aligned with the Saudis in conquering the area.

The Saudis dismissed the incident, claiming that the Houthis must’ve shelled their own village and killed their own civilians in trying to resist the tribesmen. Yet everyone else, including the UN and the tribes themselves, confirmed the deaths were caused by airstrikes, and the Saudi-led coalition are the only one with planes bombing Yemen.

Large civilian death tolls, particularly among children, have been a recurring problem throughout the Saudi invasion of Yemen. Saudi airstrikes have heavily targeted populated areas in Shi’ite-held parts of the country, and despite attempts to try to deflect some of the blame for such attacks, there is no sign the Saudis are trying to prevent such incidents.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of