Bolton Downplays Threat of North Korean Missile Test

'There's a lot of activity all the time in North Korea'

Interviewed on ABC’s “This Week,” National Security Adviser John Bolton downplayed the chances of an imminent North Korea missile test. Media outlets have been speculating about such a test amid claims of repairs taking place at a North Korean launch site.

There’s a lot of activity all the time in North Korea,” Bolton noted, saying that the US is always watching “unblinkingly” what the North Koreans are doing, and saying he didn’t think he should speculate based on commercial satellite photos.

Reports coming out of a pair of think-tanks reported North Korea had repaired a roof and a door at one of the previously abandoned buildings, and further images have suggested more construction in the area. After the failed Hanoi summit, there seems to be a lot of pessimism in the media, anticipating resumed testing and a breakdown of the diplomatic process.

Both North Korea and the administration don’t seem to see it that way, however, and say that there might be a fair bit of delay before the next summit. That does not, however, mean anyone is giving up, and both sides seem interested in finding new ways to approach diplomacy.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of