North Korean Media Criticizes US Dems Ahead of Second Summit

Sees 'skeptics' opposing talks 'just for the sake of opposition'

North Korea’s state media issued a report ahead of this week’s Trump-Kim summit criticizing US Democrats and other “skeptics” of the peace process, saying they are missing an historic opportunity and urging President Trump to ignore them.

The report warned that opponents are chilling the atmosphere ahead of the summit, and would ultimately bear responsibility if the summit failed in any way, adding this would expose Americans to “security threats.”

Largely echoing Trump’s comments in favor of the peace talks, US analysts suggested that the state media report was primarily an attempt to further sell Trump on the process, and make him less likely to walk away for fear of it looking like a vindication for his political opponents.

Trump has been upbeat going into the North Korea summit, having a good rapport with Kim. North Korean media has expressed a belief that true progress is more likely in direct talks with Trump, after side talks with Pompeo and other US officials failed to make much progress.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of