Israelis Fire Artillery, Launch Missiles Into Southern Syria

Syrian state media says strikes did material damage, caused no casualties

A flurry of Israeli artillery fire and a handful of missiles fired by drone hit Syria’s Quneitra Province on Monday, destroying an observation post and striking the site of an already demolished hospital.

Details on exactly what happened is unclear, and Israel is refusing all comment on the matter. Syrian state media said the strikes did material damage to the sites hit, but that there were no casualties reported.

Though Israel has been openly attacking Syria for months now, it is generally focused on the capital city of Damascus. Hitting Quneitra, close to the Golan Heights, largely stopped after the Israeli-armed rebels in that area were defeated.

This raises inevitable questions about what is happening all of a sudden in that area. So far, the Israeli military is declining comment, but in general there will be some excuse coming out of the defense ministry in fairly short order.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of