US Rejects Dialogue With Venezuelan President, Revokes Visas

US military ready to protect US diplomats in Venezuela

The Trump Administration has begun revoking the visas of several Venezuelan MPs seated by the Maduro government, while ruling out any dialogue with President Maduro. Officials also condemned the idea of mediation within Venezuela.

This comes amid efforts by European Union and Latin American leaders who are trying to resolve the Venezuela crisis with diplomacy and mediation. The US criticized those efforts, saying the world needs to unite behind a demand for unconditional regime change.

Elliott Abrams declared the “time for dialogue with Maduro has long passed,” and that the US now wants everyone to accept Juan Guaido as his replacement. He added that foreign countries must only deal with Guaido’s would-be government, and not the de facto government.

Navy Admiral Craig Faller, the head of US Southern Command, says that the military is fully prepared to protect US diplomatic personnel and facilities in Venezuela if necessary. He added that the Venezuelan military leadership remains loyal to Maduro.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of