Delegates to Afghanistan Talks in Moscow Declare Success

Ghani govt says Moscow talks will have no impact

Delegates from both sides of the Moscow talks on Afghanistan have been upbeat in comments to reporters, saying that a number of issues were agreed upon, and that the talks were definitely a success. The next round of these talks will be held Qatar.

While a lot of the specifics aren’t clear, the talks themselves included a number of Afghan politicians, including high-ranking opposition figures, and the Taliban. Topics that were discussed included removing Taliban leaders from UN blacklists, release of Taliban prisoners, and a recognition of the Taliban political office in Qatar.

While US officials were not included in the talks, Khalilzad reportedly viewed the talks as a positive step. The US has not commented directly on it, but has generally opposed any talks that Russia is involved in.

The Ghani government is still angry about not being included in the talks, saying the Moscow talks will not be allowed to have any impact on the peace process, and that only his government can make these final deals.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of