Trump Vows to Stop Endless Wars, Emphasizes Afghan Negotiations

'The hour has come to at least try for peace'

In some of his most direct comments with regard to the Afghan peace talks, President Trump has confirmed accelerating peace talks in Afghanistan, saying that “great nations do not fight endless wars.”

Trump confirmed that 17 years into this war, it is now possible to “pursue a possible political solution.” Though he admitted there was no guarantee of success, he did say that “the hour has come to at least try for peace.”

This has been opposed by the US Senate, where the McConnell Amendment expressed opposition to any US withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. The resolution also wants troops to stay in Syria, though in both cases it is ultimately non-binding.

Negotiations with the Taliban have been ongoing for months, and reports are that a basic framework is all but in place. This would involve the US leaving Afghanistan, and the Taliban keeping al-Qaeda and ISIS out.

Finalizing the deal is going to require some specific details to be worked out, but it really does seem that such a deal is more attainable now that at any time in years. President Trump’s commitment to “at least try” is much deeper than what most officials have offered during this war.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of