Bolton Says Military Intervention Against Venezuela ‘Not Imminent’

Reiterates that all options are on the table

During a radio interview on Friday, John Bolton said that no US military intervention against Venezuela is imminent, nor any military action by Brazil, or Colombia, or any combination of the three nations.

A major source of speculation about imminent US action was a note by Bolton earlier this week suggesting 5,000 US troops might be sent to Colombia, seemingly just to get them on the border with Venezuela.

Even in denying the imminent action, Bolton reiterated the administration’s position that “all options are on the table” against Venezuela, including military action. It’s just that the US is immediately focused on trying for peaceful regime change.

But the administration seems deeply committed to imposing regime change in Venezuela one way or another, and many are eager to insist that military invasion is definitely “on the table.”

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of