US Aims to Transfer Assets to Guaido as Venezuela Freezes Accounts

Supreme Court bars Guaido from leaving the country

Hoping to facilitate regime change in Venezuela, the Trump Administration announced on Tuesday that it has handed control of Venezuela’s government’s assets to Juan Guaido, the interim president recognized by the US.

The idea is that the assets will weaken the Maduro government, and strengthen Guaido in trying to prop himself up as the replacement. Whether that will actually work, however, is unclear, as the Maduro government has already frozen all of Guaido’s accounts.

Venezuela’s Supreme Court seems to be moving to further strict Guaido’s activities, including preventing him from leaving the country. Guaido blasted this as a continuation of the government’s threats and persecution.

All of this probably means Guaido didn’t come out of the day with any new assets he can actually access. US officials are threatening ‘serious consequences’ after Venezuela’s government moved against Guaido, which is in line with US threats against Venezuela in recent weeks.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of