US Troops Targeted in Second Northeast Syria Bombing

Five Kurdish fighters reported slain in attack on joint convoy

A car bombing Monday against a joint US-SDF military convoy in northeastern Syria was the second time in the past week that US troops have come under attack in a bombing attack. The Pentagon say that there were no US casualties this time.

The attack saw a suicide car bomber approach the convoy at a checkpoint and detonated. At least five Kurdish SDF fighters were reported killed in the attack. This has been no claim of responsibility yet, though the expectation is that this was an ISIS strike.

ISIS did report that a suicide bomber hit the convoy is their own news agency’s report, but did not elaborate. The SDF reported only “material damage” in the bombing initially, though later reports confirmed the deaths.

The belief is that the attack was intended to target US forces in the patrol, as locals say that the site of the bombing, on the outskirts of Shadadi town, was a frequent place for US convoys to pass by.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of